Father saves 3-year-old son from drowning


    By Margaret Anderson

    An Orem father is called a hero in the community after his young son’s brush with death on a poolside.

    Scott Stone saved his three-year-old boy from drowning at a family pool party Tuesday, July 13 at 8 p.m.

    Stone had to act quickly when he saw his young toddler, Alex, floating face down in their family swimming pool.

    Stone said that when the accident occurred, there were three other children in the pool along with one adult.

    Stone and his brother-in-law, Brad, were on the deck chatting.

    When Stone first noticed that young Alex was in the pool, both he and his brother-in-law immediately jumped in.

    Stone said that there was no time to think, just act.

    When he pulled his son out of the water, the child was not breathing.

    Stone immediately began to practice mouth-to-mouth, giving his son a few artificial breaths hoping to revive him.

    Stone’s brother-in-law leaped out of the pool and called 911, stone said.

    Stone said his son had been in the water for about one minute and that he practiced mouth-to-mouth for another minute or two before the tyke began to breathe again.

    The paramedics arrived four minutes after the call and found the boy breathing and crying.

    “What a great sound that was,” said Lt. Doug Edwards of the Orem Department of Public Safety.

    Stone said the last time he had received formal CPR and first aid training was back in high school when he was part of Boy Scouts.

    But in an emergency, Stone remembered what to do.

    Although Alex was breathing, he was transported to Orem Community Hospital to ensure his stability where he was released a couple of hours later, Stone said.

    “Everyone was grateful for the way this one turned out,” Edwards said.

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