Cargo is out, bright prints are in for spring


    By Karen Lee

    While last season’s fashion trends swayed to sloppy sportswear styles and neutral colors, this spring the trend is feminine outfits and brilliant colors like hot pink, orange and bright blue and green.

    According to, a Web site dedicated to “what is in and what is hot,” upcoming fashions styles to look for also include sequins, fur and startling patterns mixed between clothes and accessories.

    To avoid committing a fashion faux pas, the site recommends the following styles from designers across the globe: stripes, bright patchwork fur, patterned tights, anything from the 1920s and 1940s, abstract patterns and prints, tie necks and scarves, status bags, burgundy and gold color combinations, pleats and culottes.

    “Feminine details are the next big idea. Whether it’s a sheer fabric or ruffles or embroidery, I think the consumer is tired of all the cargo looks, the manly looks,” said Roz Pactor, fashion director for Foley’s clothing store. “It’s a nice transition for spring.”

    But if that isn’t too far on the wild side, there’s always fake snake.

    “Everybody needs to own something snakeskin, whether it be a handbag or strappy sandal or loafers or jeans,” said Bev Carpenter, fashion director for Dillard’s.

    “Anything with a snake print on it is a great new trend to add to your existing wardrobe,” Carpenter said.

    In speaking of fashion and women, Kathleen McDermott who teaches fashion history at Mass Art said, “Fashion today is a series of richly colorful personal statements, authored by women themselves.”

    Lindsay Eilmas, employee of The Gap, said, “This season flip-flops are huge and it’s all about bright colors.”

    Aleda Campbell, also from The Gap, said, “Light materials and anything made that stretches is hot on the scene. Flowered Capri pants are out, but Capri pants for guys are coming in.”

    Liz Openshaw, employee of American Eagle, said, “Wearing socks with sandals is still out, but mixing and matching different styles is in.”

    Fashion designer Matthew Williamson said, “With such a variety of choices available now, trends seem to be a rather dated concept. Fashion tends to be much more about personal style now rather than following seasonal trends. The new fashion rule is that there are no rules.”

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