Provo plants 2000 trees to celebrate Arbor Day


    By Melinda Fitzgerald

    Governor Mike Leavitt, and Provo Mayor Lewis K. Billings helped some struggling scouts correctly plant a tree on April 29.

    “Trees grow the way they’re planted, and that should be straight up,” advised Mayor Billings as the scouts straightened the crooked tree and filled in dirt around its base.

    This tree was one of twenty-three trees planted along the west side of Dixon Middle School Saturday.

    Planting the trees was part of the “Take Pride in Utah” campaign and an extension of Arbor Day.

    According to Gov. Leavitt, the “Take Pride in Utah” campaign is run a little different this year.

    “It is now 30 days of service projects instead of just one day, as it was in the past.”

    Gov. Leavitt hopes to make Taking Pride in Utah, “a month-long effort and a year-long ethic.” And show that “Taking Pride in Utah means more than just cleaning up.”

    Boy Scout troop 748 was excited to participate in “Take Pride in Utah.”

    “We even came back early from a campout to do this project,” said troop leader Richard Ballantyne.

    Lightning Peak, a Youth Corrections group was also on hand to help plant the trees.

    “We’ve been doing work for the city all month — cleaning and planting,” said Ken Hull.

    This project follows Provo City’s honor received Friday from the National Arbor Day Foundation.

    According to Provo City, Provo’s Urban Forestry Department fulfilled Mayor Billings’ challenge and planted 2000 trees before Arbor Day, which was April 28, to commemorate the year 2000.

    This project was just one of at least twelve beautification projects taking place around the state of Utah April 29.

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