Letter to the Editor: D’s get degrees


    Dear Editor,

    I’m writing in response to the letter saying that allowing more D credit outside the major is lowering the standards of BYU. It seems to me that this person obviously has never got anything less than an A in every course he has ever taken. He has never had to take a class in college that he didn’t like or didn’t have an extensive knowledge of to complete general education requirements.

    I think that this person must be pretty insensitive and not able to understand what something like this must feel like. For some of us, there are classes that we have to take to complete general education requirements. Some of us also have to take classes that, no matter how much we try, we can’t seem to be successful in.

    I think that people might tend to be a bit more Christlike and sensitive when writing in comments like the one that this person wrote in. Some of us are really good human beings even though we may not do well in our general education classes.

    Rob Maughan

    Wallingford, PA

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