New LDS movie emphasizes the purpose of Deseret In



    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is preparing a short film that will be available to wards and stakes near Deseret Industries.

    The audio visual department of the LDS Church, which includes the LDS Motion Picture Studio, finished filming last week. Provo locations are featured in the film.

    “This is in reality a fairly simple show, straightforward,” said Jerry Craven, producer and director. “As the audio visual department, we do a lot of films of this size, which are to just promote the different services and programs of the church.”

    The film will be a tool for the LDS Church, to show its members the purpose of D.I. The welfare department of the LDS church requested production of this new film, hoping that when church members see it, they will have a broader scope of D.I.

    “It is more than just a thrift store, and I see how expansive D.I. has become in working with various special people, that I’m just thrilled to be working on a D.I. shoot,” said Sister Luke, service missionary for the audio visual department and crew member. “It means a lot to me, it means a lot to my family.”

    Craven said that LDS Church members should know D.I. is a part of the bishop’s storehouse and adds to the entire welfare system of the LDS Church. “One of the little things people can do is give to Deseret Industries, because what you give helps people in your neighborhood and then it goes out all over the world.”

    Craven said the Provo locations are realistic and typical for the theme of the film while, the script provides a story about people who have been helped by D.I. and people who have given to its cause.

    “The audio visual department really does a lot of work,” Craven said. “There’s a lot of producers and a lot of people doing a lot of this.”

    Craven also said, “The church is very committed to videos and films and media in general in communicating the message of the church, whether it be D.I., welfare, The Book of Mormon or the missionary work to the world.”

    A large part of the success in making LDS Church films is the character and quality work from the crew. Sister Luke, who is assigned to this crew, had a career in theater and media and graduated from BYU’s theater department. She said she has worked with other professional crews in the media industry and that this group is different.

    “I love their dedication, I love their expertise,” Luke said. “This is first-class stuff.”

    Craven said the individuals of this crew have worked in the industry and bring the skills and talents of that industry with them. He says there is a difference. “As a producer-director, it’s great for me to be able to work with this caliber of professionalism, as well as people who are really committed to doing work for the church,” Craven said.

    The film will be 12 minutes long when completed. It will be distributed to wards and stakes prior to a D.I. drive in three months. It will also be available at the church distribution center.

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