Letter to the editor: President is not the prophet


    In most countries all the people want out of their political leaders are people who are exactly that, people who are capable of instituting programs which balance the budget, reduce crime-voilence, strengthen the economy…and do not care about their personal lives. I lived in Europe for three years and know that people there care about an official’s effectiveness in office, not his sex life.

    I agree that the Founding Fathers were inspired men, inspired men who are responsible for separation of church and state. Clinton is a leader of the state — not the church. We are not supposed to look up to the President for a moral example and guidance. That is what we have a prophet for.

    The downfall of a country (civilization) is not a result of unrighteous leaders, but because the country’s people are wicked.

    Morianton (Ether 10:9-11) was a secular leader, which is exactly what the President is elected to be. Morianton never claimed to be a religious leader or prophet.

    Neither does President Clinton. We should not confuse them as such, but realize that they were not elected to bring salvation unto every soul under their stewardship. They were elected to deal justly with the people, raise our

    standard of living (lighten our burdens), and bring peace to our streets. That is why we have a prophet, he is our moral example and guide during these last days. We have two kinds of leaders today, leaders of our nation and a man who leads our souls to salvation.

    I do not care if Clinton is immoral because he was not elected based on his personal righteousness. He was elected to be a secular leader. I seek justice from a secular government and morality from religious leaders. Why would

    anybody want something else.

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