Letter to the editor: Basketball coverage terrible


    Devan Thompson

    I am disappointed with The Daily Universe’s apparent lack of excitement over the recent wins by the men’s basketball team. Is it any wonder half the people on campus don’t support the basketball team? Our own school newspaper wouldn’t even give front page coverage to the team when they beat New Mexico at The Pit or when they won a thrilling game in triple overtime.

    The basketball team accomplished their goal of making the WAC Tournament, and where do I find the story? I find it hidden away on page eight with a small headline. The same was true for BYU’s incredible upset of New Mexico — the paper had the story tucked away back by the classifieds.

    Come on! Let’s show a little enthusiasm here! How about a big bold headline that says, “COUGARS DEFY ALL ODDS, WIN IN 3 OT!!!” with a picture of their wild celebration after beating UTEP. Oh well, maybe I am just a little crazy to think the school newspaper would show any sort of excitement. GO COUGARS!!!

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