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BYU Comms debuts social media lab

The new addition of the Y Digital Strategy Lab in the school of communications allows students to gain digital and social media experience while they work on projects for real clients.


BYU broadcasting alumna Suzie Wiley shares story of on-air success

Snipers stood on the rooftop of the courtroom, waiting for attorneys and defendants to walk out of the front doors. The crowd of white supremacists rallied with their political signs, standing next to national and state reporters who were conducting interviews. In the cool of the morning, microphone in hand, Suzie Wiley anxiously waited for the court room doors to open.

Andrew Harnik

Facebook echo chambers divisive

More millennials get political news from Facebook than from CNN, the second highest news contender, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center study. And the two weren’t even close — Facebook beat the network by 17 percent.