Intelligence Lab launches with Public Relations Fest

The theme of Tuesday’s Public Relations Fest was “Discover Your Destination.” Faculty were dressed up as flight attendants and student participants wore clothing with their favorite location on it. (Anna Wilson)

The BYU School of Communications hosted a Public Relations Fest on Tuesday night in conjunction with the launch of the new Public Relations Intelligence Lab.

The purpose of this event was to provide students with a place to discover opportunities within the public relations program, specifically through the new Intelligence Lab. Students filled the Hinckley Center to learn about the new changes to the public relations program.

Lab account supervisor Georgia McGrath said this event is a launch for the new lab so students can get to know the program, staff and opportunities available. “Hopefully it will make the lab more approachable, that we want students to come and work with us.”

The School of Communications announced the new Public Relations Intelligence Lab in June. According to the news release, the goal of the lab is to “provide mentored-learning experiences with real-world clients to all students in the public relations program.”

Students at the Public Relations Fest learn about opportunities to excel within their program and in the real world. (Anna Wilson)

Faculty and students welcomed the new Intelligence Lab manager, Michael Burke. He received his undergraduate degree at BYU in international and global studies and a master’s degree in data analytics from Southern New Hampshire University.

“This is an opportunity for students to really distinguish themselves,” Burke said in an interview before the event. “We are actually going to be doing real world projects. They will graduate with real work under their arms.”

The Intelligence Lab replaces the Y Digital Agency, a lab that was run by the public relations department giving 32 students a semester-long digital marketing experience. According to the news release, the Intelligence Lab is designed to provide an inclusive experience for all 200 public relations students.

“I could not be more excited about the PR Intelligence Lab. It will provide a space where all students within the program can work with real-world clients using the principles and skills they have learned in their courses,” School of Communications Director Mark Callister said in the news release.

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