Opinion: Make Christmas different

Christmas looked different last year because of the pandemic, but this year I’m encouraging you to make it different because of the pandemic. 

Opinion: To all the people who hate Utah

I hope people can feel like Utah is a place they can happily call home —whether it’s just for a college semester, a couple of years to build a career and family, or a full lifetime. My wish is for Utah residents, native and temporary, to give something of themselves to the state that has a lot to offer.

Opinion: These are the ‘glory days’ for BYU athletics

This Thanksgiving season, Cougar fans should give thanks for the current state of nirvana within BYU athletics. Every program is a force to be reckoned with, coaches are teaching principles of character while getting results on the battlefield, student athletes and recruits are catching the vision and everyone is winning.

Opinion: What Taylor Swift teaches us about healing

Taylor Swift and her hit song "All Too Well" can teach us about healing and moving on from heartbreak.

Opinion: BYU Testing Center lines need to go

The lines for the BYU Testing Center have been a nightmare for some students this semester. With changes in technology, BYU could offer several options for student test-takers to get rid of the long lines.

Opinion: Sitcoms, rom-coms and letting it all work out

Whether it be the ongoing pandemic, hilarious coincidences or an unfortunate mishap, much like a sitcom, things haven't exactly gone according to plan.
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