Opinion: Let’s change the way we talk about Church missions

The way we talk about missions in the Church needs to change. Too many individuals are hurt by our stereotypes and assumptions. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to living the Gospel. There is no singular right way to serve God. In every instance it is a personal decision. I hope we can all learn to change the way we talk about missions in the Church.

Opinion: How white journalists can support the voices of minority journalists

Journalists should represent people of diverse backgrounds in nuanced ways in all stories. Covering issues with racial and cultural awareness and sensitivity is part of the job description.

Opinion: Hope for students languishing in the pandemic

The pandemic has caused many to start languishing, a middle ground of mental health that isn't quite depression and isn't quite flourishing. While the pandemic can be extremely demotivating to students, there is still hope to be found in life and happiness in the uncertainty.

Opinion: I am not your Asian fantasy

BYU students, especially BYU minorities have felt that they are targeted for dating based on their culture or their ethnicity, rather than who they are as individuals.

Opinion: Modesty culture

I was 13 years old when I went to the local YMCA for a youth pool party. I was hanging out with my friends when a Young Women's leader came up to me and asked, "Do you have a shirt you could put on over that?"

Opinion: Prioritizing high school journalism

Last week the Supreme Court heard its most important student speech case in nearly a half-century. The case took into question whether schools can punish students for speech that occurred off campus or online. The case has the ability to transform student speech rights in every public school nationwide. No matter what decision is made in the case, the state of Utah ought to make a statement to the nation by passing legislation in defense of student speech.
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