Opinion: BYU needs to cure its case of the blues

Fully committing to and advertising royal as BYU's sole official shade of blue would reduce stadium color clashing, honor BYU's rich football tradition and just look so much better.

Opinion: We need to talk about sex

Having healthy conversations about sex can create important changes within the youth and young adults in the Church.

Opinion: Therapy can be helpful, but only if you’re willing

I have always had an anxious personality, but it wasn’t until I had been in college for a couple years that I realized how my anxiety was negatively affecting me.

Opinion: Immigrants are human beings, not a political agenda

Whatever your political preference or opinion on immigration may be, human beings are often overlooked when discussing the topic.

Opinion: Movies are back and bringing people together this summer

People will be going to the movies to see fast cars, superheroes and larger-than-life basketball stars this summer, and it will be glorious.

Opinion: Let’s change the way we talk about Church missions

The way we talk about missions in the Church needs to change. Too many individuals are hurt by our stereotypes and assumptions. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to living the Gospel. There is no singular right way to serve God. In every instance it is a personal decision. I hope we can all learn to change the way we talk about missions in the Church.
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