Opinion: Home is anywhere and everywhere

I used to watch movies about parents selling the "family home" and children were outraged or heartbroken and I just never really got it. How could you be so attached to a house? I moved six times before graduating high school.

Opinion: ‘I just can’t wait until…’

So many people are so focused on the things they are waiting to accomplish or get to. Be excited for the rest of your life! The best days of your life have yet to come. But also, don't forget to be happy where you are.

Opinion: Stop judging those going through a faith crisis

It is hard to talk about your questions and disconformities regarding the Church, when the institution you have chosen to attend is sponsored by it, and is compounded by a member majority. Yet, because of the university we chose to attend, students struggling with a faith crisis should feel more love and support than they would anywhere else.

Opinion: Nontraditional love stories provide refreshing view of reality

It's important to be exposed to unconventional movies that allow us to experience the messy reality of love, uncertainty and heartbreak instead of setting us up for failure through unrealistic expectations like "Love conquers all" and "When you know, you know."

Opinion: Open adoption is the perfect option

Through my own personal experience, I have grown to love adoption and the family I have because of it. Adoption is one of the best alternative options for creating and growing a family.

Opinion: I don’t belong because of my mixed race

Being mixed-race is such an odd middle ground to be in because you never feel like you really belong to a group. However, that doesn't mean I can't find belonging.
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