Provo volunteers participate in ‘MyHometown’ initiative to improve the community

Volunteers in Provo's South Freedom neighborhood are in the process of launching MyHometown, an initiative created to provide community resources and improvement projects to Provo residents.

Runners fill Provo streets to participate in the Utah Valley Marathon

Thousands of runners filled the streets of Provo early Saturday morning to participate in the 15th annual Utah Valley Marathon.

Mike Lee weathers intraparty attacks at Utah GOP debate

Two Republicans took aim at a politician known as one of former President Donald Trump’s most devoted allies on Wednesday, attacking incumbent Sen. Mike Lee and working to convince voters that one of Washington’s more polarizing figures may not be ideal for voters in one of the country’s most conservative states.

Drastic changes at the Provo Daily Herald mirror challenges for hometown newspapers nationwide

The Daily Herald has been hit as hard as any other local paper. The decline of local journalism can largely be explained by the technological advances society has experienced over the last few decades.

Utah police officers encourage reporting threatening social media posts amid Texas school shooting

Utah police officers and school safety officials are emphasizing the importance of monitoring and investigating social media platforms and encouraging students to report threatening posts, amid the Uvalde, Texas school shooting earlier this week.

Utah community celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders recognize and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month during the month of May. 
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