Provo Utah Temple demolition marks official end to ‘cupcake’ temples

The Provo Utah Temple's last active day was Friday, March 1, before a demolition and complete redesign.

BYU students create online marketplace focused on retro video games

From Mario to Sonic, three BYU students have created an online marketplace making retro video games affordable and easily accessible.

Proposed changes to UVX system yield polarized response

The UVX system in the Provo-Orem area has been free to riders since the beginning, but the Utah Transit Authority has proposed changes that would implement a fare, along with other improvements.

Student opinions on free transportation

Hundreds of students use free transit around Provo and Orem to get to school and work every day.

Provo man has largest Petroliana collection in US

A local man's hobby might just be your next date night. For a $5 entry fee, you can tour one of the nation's, if not the world's, largest Petroliana collections.

Provo Library offers community events, classes

The Provo Library on Academy Square offers more than just books. There are a variety of events and classes happening daily.
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