How to find Women’s Services and Resources

Women's Services and Resources is an office on campus with an information and referral network for students, staff, and faculty. They address women's issues...

How to save money buying tech at the BYU store

With the new semester coming up, you may be looking for some new tech. Check out how to save big by shopping at the BYU Store.

How to rent a laptop charger from the library

Is your laptop running out of power but you forgot your charger at home? The Harold B. Lee Library rents out laptop chargers for free! Watch our video to find out more!

How to use the vending feature on the Y app

Ever have trouble finding a snack around campus? Find out how to use the vending feature on BYU's app to find vending machines near you. Also, take a look at our picks for top snack locations on campus.

How to use the Safewalk feature on the BYU app

Do you ever get scared walking home in the dark? Fear no more! BYU's app has a feature called "Safewalk" that will keep you safe on your walks in the dark. Watch the hack to find out how it works!

How to update your BYU health insurance information

#BYUHacks is an augmented reality feature in The Daily Universe. The host, Madison Everett, helps students new to BYU figure out the ins and outs of navigating campus. Using the UniversePlus app , scan the picture of the stacked books in the #BYUHacks ad to see this quick video of your weekly hack.
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