How to Find a Tutor for Finals

Are you worried about how well you’ll do on your final exams? Don’t go the entire semester without reaching out for help. Check out a resource other than class TA’s where you can get tutoring for your classes.

How to Reserve a Study Room at the Harold B. Lee Library

Check out this week’s video to see how to reserve a study room at the Harold B. Lee Library.

How to use Dining Mobile Ordering

Don’t want to wait in line at the Cougareat? Check out how to use the Dining Mobile Ordering feature on the BYU app.

How to Add/Drop Classes on the Y App

Still trying to figure out which classes to take for Spring/Summer term? Check out some tips on registering for classes on your phone.

How to Get Involved with BYU Peer Mentoring

Check out how to connect with your peer mentor and how to become one!

How to find BYU on-campus internships

For this week's BYU Hack, check out how BYU on-campus internships can benefit you!
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