How to reduce stress with breathing exercises

It’s been a tough start to the semester for many students. Learn how to prioritize your mental, physical and emotional health by checking out this week’s video with a 30-second breathing exercise with Angi!

Feeling Stressed? 8 Tips for Winding Down

The first few weeks of the semester can be full of new adjustments and stresses. Taking time to relax and wind down is an imperative habit to develop if you want to avoid burning out.

How to fund your study abroad

Do you want to go on a BYU study abroad but are stumped on how to come up with the money to pay for it? Well, don’t give up! BYU and the Kennedy Center offer incredible resources to help students finance their foreign experiences.

How to find Women’s Services and Resources

Women's Services and Resources is an office on campus with an information and referral network for students, staff, and faculty. They address women's issues...

How to save money buying tech at the BYU store

With the new semester coming up, you may be looking for some new tech. Check out how to save big by shopping at the BYU Store.

How to rent a laptop charger from the library

Is your laptop running out of power but you forgot your charger at home? The Harold B. Lee Library rents out laptop chargers for free! Watch our video to find out more!
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