Debt limit deal passes, brings personal finances into the spotlight

President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan debt limit deal into law on June 3, averting a national debt default after weeks of contentious, to-the-wire debate.
Jessica Smith

BYU students are dealing with inflation

Students have been budgeting and cutting costs to cope with inflation spikes.

Senator Mitt Romney calls out new mortgage increase on high credit...

Senator Mitt Romney criticized a new government policy raising the mortgage loan cost for high credit scorers and decreasing the cost for low scorers, which went into effect May 1.

BYU increases tuition by 3%

On April 20, BYU announced that tuition will increase by 3% for the 2023-24 academic year.

BYU offers resources to help students improve their financial lives

BYU offers a variety of resources to help students develop valuable financial habits, largely in response to the difficulty many young adults have developing healthy financial management techniques.

Utah tax cut package HB54 to go into effect next month,...

Governor Cox signed a historic tax cut package into law last month, although some Utahns are wondering who it will most benefit.