Free speech at BYU? It depends on who is rating it

A 2020 study on campus free speech ranked BYU as one of the worst universities in the country for freedom of speech, but students are saying the bigger problem is an intense, hyper-partisan political climate.

Utah schools discuss on-campus representation of Indigenous peoples

After a resolution urging Utah schools to retire Native American mascots failed in the recent Legislative Session, discussions about inclusivity on Utah campuses continue.

Alpine School District updates code of conduct

Alpine School Board members unanimously approved revisions to the employee code of conduct, specifically regarding the interactions between teachers and students.
Rebekah Baker/BYU

Alpine School District approves fee schedule despite community pushback

Despite community pushback on expensive school fees at the last board meeting on March 9, Alpine School District board members approved adjustments to the fee schedule for the coming school year.
BYU Photo

BYU professor teaches Navajo family values through her language classes

Rena Dunn is a retired elementary school teacher who teaches Navajo at BYU. Naabaahii Tsosie is a junior from Dallas studying neuroscience who takes her Navajo class. They introduced themselves as siblings.“There’s no such thing as cousins (in the Navajo language),” Dunn said. “You’re either brothers or sisters.”

On-campus internships create new ways to teach languages

The College of Humanities offers an on-campus internship course where students work on creative, language-study-based projects.WordScenes and Language like Locals are two innovative internship projects used to teach different languages in innovative ways.