Rebecca Nissen

Guest lecturer visits Global Women’s Studies class, speaks on violence against...

Moroni Benally, Coordinator of Advocacy and Public Policy of the Restoring Ancestral Winds Incorporated, visited the Introduction to Global Women's Studies class on the first floor of the Kennedy Center. Advocating the rights of indigenous communities, he shared stories and numbers he described as being "sobering statistics."

Timpview High School honors veterans during annual assembly

Students, teachers, veterans and community leaders gathered in the Timpview High School Thunderdome on Monday, Nov. 11, to honor individuals who have served in the United States military.

Religious Education professors encourage artistic projects

There is a growing trend within BYU's Religious Education department in which professors offer students multiple ways to earn their grades. Traditionally, teachers have their students take exams and write papers, but for religion professors like Gaye Strathearn, creative projects are becoming an alternative.

Personal finance education critical for financial confidence in adulthood

Sarah Boyce left her hometown in Indiana and came to BYU excited for the opportunities that awaited her academically and socially. She had recently opened her first bank account and received her first debit card. She lived on campus, had a meal plan and had a scholarship to help pay for tuition. She was positive that she would succeed as an independent college student.

Personal finance education in high school to help combat rising student...

Only 17 states in the U.S. require high school students to take a financial literacy class to graduate. Pennsylvania is one of the 33 states that does not require this, nor do they have standard testing for personal financial education.

Creativity a key in evolving job market

Jared Benson, a design expert, poses that innovation is not only useful, but is absolutely necessary in order for businesses to expand and grow with the times.