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Alpine School Board getting pressure over expensive school fees

Alpine School Board gave parents a chance to express their grievances with school fees at their board meeting on Tuesday. COVID-19 has made it difficult for some parents to pay for school fees for their students, such as art supplies or gym uniforms. Other parents have long been frustrated with school fees, claiming that they have always been too expensive.

Provo City School District to continue half-day schedule through end of...

The Provo City school board voted 6-1 on Tuesday night to continue with the current weekly school schedule until the end of the school year instead of moving to phase 3, which would have put students back in their classrooms full-time until the end of the school year.

Provo City Council passes rezone for more housing in South Provo

The Provo City Council approved the rezone of 8.5 acres in the Spring Creek neighborhood area to a medium density residential zone in a 5:2 vote on March 2.

Alpine School Board determines new elementary school boundaries

Members of the school board discussed the school boundaries for two new elementary schools in the district at their school board meeting on Feb. 23.
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BYU student teachers adapt and thrive in pandemic-era classrooms

Just as BYU students have had to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions, so have K-12 students, their teachers, and even the students teachers that are assigned to work with classrooms across Utah Valley.

Doctrine vs culture: Supporting women’s choices in the workplace, education

Women in Utah face unique challenges in the workplace and higher education due to the Church culture. While some believe women cannot work and have families, women in leadership positions prove otherwise.