BYU’s international relations open doors

BYU doesn't reside on a coast and Provo isn't an international hub, but BYU has a surprisingly large international campus in terms of language and international experience.

Education Week: Brad Wilcox discusses the role of Church members in...

BYU religion professor Brad Wilcox spoke in an Education Week session on Thursday about the role members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints play in the gathering of Israel.

Tips and tricks for keeping a mission language fluent

Language loss, or language attrition, begins almost as soon as missionaries leave their mission and return to an English-speaking environment. While keeping up a second language isn't easy, it's definitely possible.

The Church and BYU: An evolution — of evolution

BYU and the theory of evolution haven't always coexisted peacefully. It has been over the course of more than a century that BYU and the teaching of evolution have developed harmony.

Creation-evolutionism faces conflict within religious institutions

The theory of creation-evolutionism is a hard topic to grasp for some who are religious because of its seeming threat to their faith.

Tips for giving effective student ratings

Though 60-80% of BYU students fill out student ratings each semester, some may have only a vague idea of what happens to these ratings after they hit submit. A better understanding can help students give more effective ratings.