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International journalists and researchers discuss challenges of religious reporting

A panel comprised of international journalists and a religion researcher, led a discussion Wednesday, Oct. 9 about the difficulties religions face with their portrayal in the media.

5 steps for quality sleep

In order to truly maximize time while still getting the recommended seven-to-nine hours of sleep each night, here are a few things Despain, Kay and others suggested.

Tackling Therapy Myths

I’ve been having kind of a hard time lately, and I don’t know who to talk to about it. I feel very worried and...

BYU law school incoming class has more women than men

BYU hosted its annual Women in Law Conference where women in law careers answered questions about their experiences being women in the legal sector.

Serious Security

When I read about violent attacks in the news, it makes me worried about my safety on campus and in my off-campus apartment. I...

Taking Care of Your Motorcycle

Last spring, I sold my car from high school and bought a new Honda motorcycle. What can I say? It’s fast, it’s sleek, and...