BYU alumna, personal color analyzer shares process, purpose of TikTok trend

BYU alumnus Meredith Villalba discussed the process behind analysis color theory, a recent trend that has gained traction on the social media platform TikTok.

Sunlight, good sleep habits are the best medicine for seasonal depression

BYU experts say there are ways to combat seasonal depression from home despite the isolation caused by COVID-19.

How to get the most out of Come Follow Me and the Doctrine and Covenants this year

BYU experts of Church History and Doctrine give resources and tips for how students can magnify their study of the Come Follow Me curriculum for 2021.

How to teach students about the US Capitol insurrection

BYU history professors offered their insights on how to discuss the Capitol breach with students and compared it to other historical events.

How does online learning affect students with ADHD?

Roommates, video games, social media, the news — all distractions students may face as they adjust to online learning during COVID-19. For some students with learning disabilities like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), online learning can be either beneficial or detrimental.

Tips to optimize online learning

Here are tips and tricks Marshall B. Ketchum University and BYU faculty and staff have shared on how to improve study habits for online learning during COVID-19.
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