2020 Utah Legislature Session to discuss Utah Inland Port, tax reform, infrastructure

The Utah 2020 General Legislative Session is scheduled to begin Monday, Jan. 27, 2020. Issues Utahn’s should be aware of include infrastructure, tax reformation and environmental policy.

Provo dentist offers alternative to dental insurance

Provo dental office Cougar Dental offers a more cost-effective alternative to traditional dental insurance for college students and families seeking dental care.

Ann Romney shares importance of family

Ann Romney said her husband, Mitt Romney, always reminded her while they were living in Boston amid the chaos and challenges that can come from raising five boys, that what she was doing was important because her job was eternal.

International journalists and researchers discuss challenges of religious reporting

A panel comprised of international journalists and a religion researcher, led a discussion Wednesday, Oct. 9 about the difficulties religions face with their portrayal in the media.

5 steps for quality sleep

In order to truly maximize time while still getting the recommended seven-to-nine hours of sleep each night, here are a few things Despain, Kay and others suggested.

Tackling Therapy Myths

I’ve been having kind of a hard time lately, and I don’t know who to talk to about it. I feel very worried and...
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