Campus Showcase educates BYU employees on campus resources

Members of various BYU departments and organizations interact with BYU employees, teaching them about what they offer to the campus community at this year’s Campus Showcase. Hundreds of BYU employees attended the event. (Emily May)

BYU departments and organizations set up booths to present their various resources and services for the campus community at the Hinckley Center on Wednesday, May 22.

This year’s annual Campus Showcase, organized by University Relations, invited hundreds of BYU employees to interact with the many services available to them in a trade show environment, offering prizes and free food as well.

Julie Hatchett, the strategic relations manager at University Relations, said University Relations has hosted the Campus Showcase since 2009.

“I’ve been in the department and helping with this event since 2015,” Hatchett said, “and every year, without exception, attendees talk about discovering services that they didn’t know existed and how valuable the event is.”

Jeff Stock of the BYU Benefits Services Office teaches attendees about the various benefits offered to BYU employees. He said many people are not aware of the benefits they have at BYU. (Emily May)

Each organization presented at the Campus Showcase serves to promote their resources to BYU employees. Jeff Stock, an employee at the BYU Benefits Services Office, said that there are many benefits offered to BYU employees that people are not aware of.

“Everyone knows about the medical, everyone knows about dental, but then there’s all this other stuff that people don’t really think about,” Stock said. “That’s what we’re promoting today.”

April Jensen, an employee at BYU Building Operations, attended the event to promote the work her organization does for BYU.

“Our entity cleans everything on campus,” Jensen said. “We mentor students who do all the cleaning for campus and that’s why our campus is so beautiful and clean.”

Janie Brigman of local non-profit United Way promotes this year’s Day of Caring on Sept. 12 to BYU employees. She said United Way hopes BYU employees will sign up to help local non-profits and schools. (Emily May)

The showcase also invited local non-profit organization United Way to promote this year’s Day of Caring on Sept. 12 to BYU employees. The Day of Caring is United Way’s annual day of service.

“We provide services for education, mental health and financial stability in Utah County,” employee Janie Brigman said at United Way’s booth. “United Way has been partnering with BYU for 60 years.”

BYU Sign Shop was also in attendance, showcasing their new printers and machines.

“We were invited by our management over at Physical Facilities since we did redo our shop and have such a large investment in the expanded capabilities that we now offer to campus,” employee Olivia Hales said.

Karen Macfarlane, a professor of Latin at BYU, attended this year’s showcase after not attending for several years.

“I remembered in the past it was fun,” Macfarlane said. “It showed a lot of things that are available on campus and there are free items and lots of snacks and samples and tastes.”

The departments and organizations presented at the Campus Showcase rotate each year to allow repeat attendees to learn something new each year, Hatchett said.

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