Campus construction progress


Students at BYU are getting used to noise and alternate routes to class as construction continues.

Construction is progressing faster as the weather gets warmer, University Communications said.

Ryan Parry, a junior studying construction management, was observing the construction site of the new Arts Building as part of his homework.

“I think it’s good right now, because we’re in summer right now so they got to start getting that done before winter starts up,” Parry said, “or else they’re not gonna get anything done.”

The university is replacing the old College of Fine Arts and Communications building with a new facility dedicated to the arts. It is currently their biggest project.

Additionally, a new BYU sign has been built right next to the construction site.

“It’s just another reminder that you’re here at BYU, and we imagine students will take a lot of pictures there, graduation or other special times,” Todd Hollingshead, BYU spokesperson, said.

Construction efforts are not limited to these projects. Work is also underway on an addition to the Eyring Science Center and a few other projects within the library, Hollingshead explained.

“There are always a number of small projects, but as far as significant projects about a handful or a dozen or so,” he said.

One upcoming project will build canopies over the three main bike racks on campus, Hollingshead said.

“I’ve been here as a student and an employee for 20 years and campus has evolved quite a bit in the last two decades,” he said. “The end goal is to make sure it’s a campus that’s walkable, that’s beautiful and the facilities are what we need for our students.”

He is grateful for students’ patience, he said.

“So far, we can at least stand here no problem,” Parry said.

The construction team has done well with their time management, he explained.

“From what it looks like what they’ve done here is actually pretty smart they just did pretty much cement and a walkway,” Parry said about the sidewalk created for students to walk from Brigham Square to other locations around the Arts Building construction site.

Construction will finish the lab addition to the Eyring Science Center by the end of the summer, Hollingshead explained. Additionally, he said he expects the new Arts Building to be completed by Fall Semester 2025.

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