Elder Evan A. Schmutz invites students to imagine being with the Lord


Elder Evan A. Schmutz, a General Authority Seventy, invited students at a devotional on Tuesday, Feb. 13 to imagine being with the Lord.

As he began his address, Elder Schmutz expressed that he was nervous; speaking at a BYU devotional was something he could never have imagined as a student, he said.

“So my purpose this morning is to help you understand true doctrine and establish practices in your lives that, if followed, will improve your ability to imagine meeting God and receiving the kingdom of glory he has prepared for you,” Elder Schmutz said.

Elder Schmutz quoted President Nelson, who invited people to look forward with hope. We can prepare now for when we can be with the Lord, he said.

“I promise we will be supported in our efforts. For faith — as a principle of power — is a gift from God which follows our righteous actions,” Elder Schmutz said.

Elder Evan A Schmutz stands at a podium and addresses an audience of BYU students and faculty. He gave his remarks on Feb. 13. (Isaac Rascon)

Elder Schmutz shared a video with a rendition of the song “I Can Only Imagine” by BYU Vocal Point.

Imagining life with the Lord begins with faith, he said.

Elder Schmutz spoke about the Nephites that wept and kissed Jesus’s feet. When imagining this, it may cause feelings of a need for self-evaluation, he said.

“Don’t be discouraged … take heart. Please do not negatively compare where you are today with where others may be in their lives,” he said.

Elder Schmutz invited students to build their faith by doing three things. The first thing to do is visit the temple, he said.

“If you desire to more effectively place yourself where you belong, visit the house of the Lord frequently,” Elder Schmutz said.

He promised students they would receive revelation through temple visits.

“The more frequently we attend, the more earnestly we participate, the more revelatory the experience becomes,” Elder Schmutz said.

Second, students should take their experience in the house of the Lord home with them, he said.

Elder Schmutz’s third invitation was to look for the city of the living God.

“When the promised rewards of the next life become so real that they motivate our every action in this life, we are drawing near to our eternal home,” Elder Schmutz said.

Elder Schmutz closed his remarks with an invitation for the students.

“I invite you to set a regular time to rehearse in your mind the covenants you have made. This morning, I invite you to make this a daily practice,” Elder Schmutz said.

Elder Evan A. Schmutz invites students to attend the temple and bring what they learned to their homes. He gave his remarks on Feb. 13. (Isaac Rascon)

The full devotional will be available for viewing on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

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