Fun date ideas for freezing temps

According to Rascon, sledding can be an enjoyable date. Rock Canyon Park is a popular Provo spot for sledding. (Universe Archives)

With cold temperatures, people are becoming more creative in their dates with both indoor and outdoor activities.

Nik Eckman, a BYU entrepreneurship student, said he tries to be creative with his dates.  

“Some of the dates I do is hot chocolate and Jenga, making candles, painting canvases or even mini golf in the BYU Library with plastic cups,” Eckman said.

Even though the cold limits outdoor activities, Eckman said he can still enjoy the indoors with his date.

“You can have as much fun inside as you can outside in Provo during the winter … Winter weather can be harsh, so an indoor date provides a warm, fun environment away from the cold and part of the reason I prefer indoor dates is because of the variety of activities,” Eckman said.

BYU film student Isaac Rascon said he likes a little bit of both, sometimes combining outdoor and indoor activities.

“One thing that is really fun is sledding in the snow, but it’s also really fun to do something indoor like making cookies or homemade apple cider.”

Not everyone wants to stay at home. Tito Laparra and his wife Maren Laparra live in Provo and are both BYU graduates. They have been married for more than five years and shared what they enjoy.

“Usually, we go eat out then go to a theatre and watch something. Soon I’m hoping to take her (Maren) to an art museum and also go check out the Christmas lights,” Laparra said.

Music student Kui Eldredge from Hawaii said he enjoys staying in and watching a movie. It is harder to date during the winter season because he’s not a fan of the cold, he said. He would even “go home back to Hawaii and date someone from there cause it’s warmer,” he said.

Outdoor dates within an hour of Provo

Indoor dates within an hour of Provo

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