Pumpkins in the park


Orem city has gone all in for the Halloween season, decorating University Parkway with a whole variety of pumpkins. The city has decorated its orchard with hundreds of pumpkins in order to give the community the Halloween spirit.

Orem City prepared well in advance for this year’s Halloween, adorning the orchard with pumpkins since the beginning of October.

Each pumpkin has a uniquely ghoulish face, from the scary, to the downright silly. The city also carved six special pumpkins with Utah landmarks and scattered them around the orchard.

By passers could spot Arches National Park, the state capital and even a BYU pumpkin. Trevor Schultz has lived in Orem for three years and finds the decorations are a great way to bring the community together.

“I’ve got two young kids so for me it’s like, it really makes a difference for them, making the season special. It gives the community the opportunity to connect or a reason to be out and about and a reason to be out interacting with other people,” Schultz said.

The extra effort by the city means a lot to people in the community. Kelsey Larsen feels the city has gone out of its way to lighten up the season. 

“For a free pumpkin patch, no complaints. They don’t have to do it, so I think it’s a great thing. This is our very favorite thing about living in Orem, it’s family-centered,” Larsen said.

The city has employed a sneaky method to ensure the pumpkins stay fresh and spherical for the whole Halloween season. If you look closely, you will find every pumpkin is made of wood, but real or not, that doesn’t seem to bother residents.

“I think the real pumpkins are cool, either way, I’m fine with whatever,” Schultz said.

While these pumpkins behind me may be fake, the added touch gives the Orem community a very real delight.

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