Share Your Hair and support Children with Hair Loss

A BYU student receives a haircut at the Share Your Hair event last March. Share Your Hair provides free haircuts to those who want to donate their hair to a nonprofit organization. (Photo courtesy of Share Your Hair)

BYU’s biannual Share Your Hair event will be held Nov. 1 and 2 in the Wilkinson Student Center.

Share Your Hair began at BYU in 2009 as a Y-serve program, according to BYU senior Emily Cupp, executive director of Share Your Hair. The event, held twice a year, collects hair donations to be sent to the organization Children With Hair Loss. According to Cupp, Children With Hair Loss provides wig care packages for children with medically related hair-loss conditions at no cost.

“Over the years, we’ve donated to different nonprofits, like Locks for Love and others, but we are currently sending all of our donations to Children With Hair Loss,” Cupp said. 

The event stands as a triple service opportunity for students: it is a chance for cosmetology students to practice their skills, donors to get a free haircut and a child in need to receive that hair.

Share Your Hair will take place in the Wilkinson Center Terrace from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Students can get more information about the event at the Share Your Hair website, or make an appointment to get their hair cut here. Walk-ins are also accepted if a stylist is available. 

Participants are treated free of charge with a haircut by a stylist from Paul Mitchell The School

Hair donations of at least 8 inches in length are accepted to make the wigs. The hair is accepted even if it is dyed, treated or grayed.

Before and after photos of Acadia Wynn, a donor from last year. Hair donations must be at least 8 inches to be accepted. (Acadia Wynn)

Acadia Wynn, an English major from Declo, Idaho, donated 10 inches of her hair at the most recent Share Your Hair event in March. 

Wynn had heard about the program the previous fall semester but remembered being too scared to cut her hair at that point.

“I was like, ‘If they do it again, then I’ll do it because I think it’ll be fun.’ And March rolled around and sure enough, they did it again,” Wynn said. “So I signed up, and it was really good.”

Wynn opted to donate more than the minimum and enjoyed the experience.

“I think it’s a really fun program for a really good cause,” Wynn said.

The Children With Hair Loss mission statement encourages donations for the increasing number of children requesting hair replacements.

“When a child’s hair is lost due to cancer treatments, alopecia, trichotillomania, burns, etc., the painful effects are far deeper than just cosmetic,” CWHL website stated.

Kayci Bitton participated in last years event as a hairstylist and was amazed by the generosity and bravery of those who donated as much hair as they could.

“It’s a great cause, and I’m grateful to be able to participate again this year,” Bitton said.

Bitton encouraged anyone interested in the event not to be afraid of trying something new.

“The purpose of the event is so powerful and trying a new cut in order to give children a chance to feel more like themselves, especially when they are going through the really tough stuff of life, is an honor,” Bitton said. “Come check us out, and bring a friend.”

Sign-ups for the Share Your Hair event are available until Nov 2.

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