BYU celebrates Homecoming at the ROC Fan Jam

(Annika Ohran)

BYU students, alumni and fans gathered on Friday night in the parking lot of the football stadium to celebrate Homecoming festivities. The ROC Fan Jam is an event where people can get hyped before the homecoming football game. 

BYU senior Brett Lewis heard about the Fan Jam last year from some friends and was eager to experience it for himself this time around. 

“They told me about how sweet it was walking through that tunnel over there with the smoke going, the strobe lights and then just the energy of having a DJ. It’s definitely an environment I thrive in, and I am stoked out of my mind,” Lewis said. 

This year, the event pre-party featured different BYU photo ops where participants posed with friends. Participants could also spin a wheel for a chance to win a prize. Everyone who came to the event received free light-up BYU swag. 

The main event was a dance party featuring DJ Ricky Barrera. He played popular tunes as fans danced along, including the cha-cha slide.

BYU alum Cale Sieverts enjoyed the events Homecoming offers.

“Homecoming is lit … Nah, homecoming is good. You get the Y lit up which is great, you get a lot of excitement, you get a lot of good events like this,” Sieverts said. 

Homecoming gives BYU lovers the chance to commemorate what is special about BYU. 

“There’s just a lot of people that are motivated and passionate and very kind and trying to become better people,” Sieverts said. 

The ROC Fan Jam is one place where fans experienced the excitement and fun of everything Homecoming had to offer.

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