Police Beat: Oct. 9-15



Accident- Property Damage

Oct. 11 — A parking lot sign was damaged near the Harmon Building due to a minor bus accident.

Oct. 11 — A minor parking lot accident occurred near the Richards Building.

Oct. 11 — Officers took a report on a minor fender bender that occurred near the tennis court parking area.

Oct. 11 — BYU police responded to a group reporting they had scraped another vehicle in Lot 37. Insurance was exchanged and both drivers received exchange forms.


Oct. 11 — Officers were dispatched following a suspicious detail regarding a stolen church pew. An officer resolved the issue.

Missing Person

Oct. 11 — Officers were sent to the Y Trailhead following a report of a juvenile who had run away on the trail. The juvenile was found before the officers could respond.


Oct. 10 — An individual reported seeing a bicycle theft at Wymount Terrace. Officers were dispatched; nothing suspicious was found.

Oct. 12 — An individual identifying as an officer was seen at Helaman Halls telling people to go inside the building. The individual has not been identified.

Oct. 12 — Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person on the second floor of May Hall. The individual was not located, and it was discovered that the person was an employee of Building Care and was authorized to be there.


Oct. 10 — A bicycle theft from the previous week was reported.

Oct. 12 — Three tool bags were stolen from the cab of a truck in Lot 31.

Oct. 12 — BYU officers were dispatched to a delayed theft. The complainant stated their custom motorcycle license plate was stolen.

Traffic Offense

Oct. 10 — A car was seen driving through a traffic officer booth and a red light. An officer obtained the vehicle description and license number, but the vehicle had already left the area.



Oct. 13 — Burglary reported near 800 S. University Ave.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Oct. 9 — Automobile theft reported near 200 N. 1600 West.

Oct. 14 — Automobile theft reported near 800 E. 300 South.


Oct. 11 — Property theft reported near 1500 N. University Ave.
Oct. 11 — Property theft reported near 600 N. University Ave.
Oct. 12 — Property theft reported near 700 W. 200 North.
Oct. 12 — Property theft reported near 700 N. University Ave.
Oct. 12 — Property theft reported near 1000 N. 500 West.
Oct. 13 — Property theft reported near 1300 N. Sky Way.
Oct. — Property theft reported near 1000 N. 500 West.
Oct. — Property theft reported near 600 E. 420 North.


Oct. 11 — Robbery reported near 1400 W. Arthur Drive.


Oct. 9 — Vandalism reported near 900 N. 700 West.

Weapons Violation

Oct. 9 — A weapons violation was reported near 1300 S. Sky Way.

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