50ft long cake for 50 years of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


The College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences celebrated their 50th anniversary with a 50ft long cake on Friday, Oct. 15.

The college’s theme this year is “endless,” so they decided to celebrate with a seemingly endless birthday cake to celebrate 50 years, according to Kimberly Jenkins, the Communications manager for the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The 50ft long cake sits on display outside of the Eyring Science Center. The College of Physical Science and Mathematics turns 50 years old this year. (Audrey Hill)

President C. Shane Reese attended the event and cut the first piece of cake. President Reese joined the BYU statistics faculty in 2001 and served as the dean of the college from 2017-2019.

The current dean of the college, Grant Jensen, served cake alongside President Reese and Cosmo.

“We certainly appreciate President Reese coming and for all he did for the college in previous years,” Jensen said.

According to Jensen, the event was a great opportunity to give back to the students — the people who make the college what it is.

“It (the cake) was good. It was big and the frosting was high quality. Way to go BYU dining services,” Jensen said.

Planning for the celebration and the creation of the biggest cake ever created on BYU campus started in July. BYU Dining Services brought the cake to the table in several sections and started frosting it the day of the celebration at 8:30 a.m. The cake was eaten within the hour.

The college also handed out eclipse glasses for the upcoming solar eclipse and hand-tied balloon animals.

Planning committee member Grace Graviet explained the event could not have happened without great teamwork and collaboration across campus. She said she and her team contributed a 12ft by 40ft banner for the event that hung from the roof of the Eyring Science Center.

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