Latinos Unidos aims for inclusivity

The Latinos Unidos opening booth at the Multicultural Student Services Bash on Sept. 14. Students were
able to learn more about the Latino Unidos organization at the event. ( Angela Hernandez).

Hispanos Unidos, BYU’s official student-led club dedicated to helping students learn about and appreciate the Hispanic Culture, recently changed its name to Latinos Unidos to be more inclusive of all students. 

The club’s name change, which translates to United Latinos, came from a desire to provide belonging amongst the Hispanic and Latino communities. 

“Last year we spoke with several students from various places in Latin America, like Brazil and Haiti, who said they felt that they couldn’t attend Hispanos Unidos because they weren’t Hispanic. Our name change is meant to reflect our willingness to include students that have a shared language, history and heritage,” Felipe Osorio, president of Latinos Unidos, said.

The Latinos Unidos organization is not only for students who identify as part of the Latino community but for all who want to learn more about it. 

“Latinos Unidos is not just for Hispanics or Latinos but for everyone. It’s a safe place to come and learn more about the Latino Culture,” Paloma Castillo, social media manager for Latinos Unidos, said.

By making these changes, the club has been able to bring more inclusion to Latino students and provide an environment where all students feel safe and welcomed.

Students attend the Latinos Unidos opening social for the school year. Students were able to attend the event and learn more about
the Latino Culture. (Chelsea Hernandez). 

According to Osorio, participating Latinos Unidos students are able to take part in various activities throughout the semester such as dances, language and cultures nights, and professor nights where students are able to create connections with faculty members.

Latinos Unidos also provides a sense of community for students far from their Latino homes and helps them make their cultures a part of their daily BYU lives. 

“Many of us are far from home, our families and our individual Latino communities that some of us grew up with. Latinos Unidos hopes to bring that piece of home closer to each of our students and keep the Latino culture alive amidst our busy lives,” Ivan Galindo, vice president of Latinos Unidos, said.

Latino Unidos student officers for the 2023-2024 school year. These students were selected to help others
learn more about the Latino culture and invite them into the Latinos Unidos community. (Chelsea Hernandez).

To join Latinos Unidos or get more information about their upcoming events, students can follow their Instagram or their other social media accounts. Latinos Unidos meets every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Wilkinson Student Center. 

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