New Arts Building progressing toward completion

Construction continues on the new Arts Building on campus. The new building is expected to be completed at the end of Fall 2025. (Molly Zuniga

BYU’s new Arts Building for the College of Fine Arts and Communications is progressing steadily toward its expected completion at the end of fall 2025, according to Todd Hollingshead, BYU’s Media Relations Manager.

At the beginning of 2023, the Harris Fine Arts Center was demolished to make room for the new Arts Building, being built in the exact same location.

Hollingshead said the building is currently in the structural concrete phase and that the work is progressing in a general west-to-east direction. The underground utility work, including the main electrical pathways and water and sewer mains, have been placed, he said. The structural block masonry at the core areas of the building has commenced, and it is anticipated that structural steel framing will begin in mid-October. 

Hollingshead expressed gratitude to students and faculty as the construction continues.

“We know large projects like this can heavily impact campus, so we appreciate the patience and understanding of students and employees as we work to complete this important and beautiful building. As President Reese has said, this building ‘will accentuate the amazing talents of our students, faculty, and staff’ who work in the College of Fine Arts and Communications,” he said.

When it is completed, the new building will allow students who are currently attending classes in the West Campus building to have an easier commute to and from class, be on the main campus more often and feel more included and connected to the rest of the school. 

Robyn Palmer, a freshman majoring in art, said commuting to the West Campus building has been difficult. Palmer is excited for the new building to be completed.

“Getting to the current art building, the Provo High School, has been a struggle. Everything is so far away, and the shuttles aren’t perfectly dependable,” Palmer said. “The new building will be able to connect the art students to everyone else again.” 

The current building plans released by BYU in June 2023 show that BYU announced plans to build academic spaces, galleries, performance spaces, media viewing rooms and a cinema and production studio. The new building will also feature a collaborative hub for design students.

“I think it will be important for students to have working facilities they need to better enjoy their majors. For instance, the HFAC didn’t have many great screening rooms, but I’ve heard they are planning on building a nice one in the new building,” Mira Plummer, a junior in the Media Arts studies major emphasizing in documentary and directing, said. 

Students using the alternative west campus location while the new fine arts building is underway are continuing to make the most of their experience.

“We have built a really beautiful, fun community over there which I hope will transfer to the new building,” Plummer said.

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