Palmyra Past vs Present

Palmyra Past vs Present

Palmyra and the surrounding area have changed a lot over the years. The purpose of this project was to help showcase that change. As you look at these photos take a moment and think about the history of this area and the events that have taken place there.

The Grandin Book Store was where the Book of Mormon was originally published. The first photo was taken some time between 1940-1975.

This was a farm building on the Joseph Smith farm. The first photo was taken in 1920.

This is the grave of the prophet Joseph Smiths older brother Alvin Smith. As you can see since this photo was taken between 1940-1965 the gravestone has been raised up and cleaned.

This Hill Cumorah photo was taken in 1900. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has since built a visitors’ center for all who wish to come and take tours of this historic site, where Joseph Smith was led to the golden plates. Note the trees and that for many years part of the hill was used for farming. On one side of the hill, however, you can find trees that have been there since the time of Joseph Smith that some refer to as the witness trees.

Another shot of main street Palmyra taken between 1940-1965.

The first photo is credited as being Joseph Smiths home. The photo was taken between 1917-1918. The second is the restored frame home as it would have looked at the time of the Smiths.

Road on the Smith farm coming from the north. The first photo was taken in 1920.

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