Brandon Mull releases Fablehaven cookbook, teases new book series

Best-selling author Brandon Mull and his sister-in-law Cherie Mull speak to an audience at the Provo City Library about their new Fablehaven cookbook. Both shared how much they enjoyed food, cooking and family. (Joe Wirthlin)

New York Times best-selling author Brandon Mull announced he was working on a new book series while promoting his Fablehaven cookbook at the Provo City Library at Academy Square.

Mull coordinated with the Provo City Library at Academy Square to sign copies of his new cookbook, “The Official Fablehaven Cookbook: Wondrous Recipes Inspired by the Characters from the Series.” Recipes were prepared by Cherie Mull, Brandon Mull’s sister-in-law. Tables covered in samples of cookbook recipes were available to taste test.

The cookbook includes nearly 50 different recipes as well as a standalone short story set in the Fablehaven universe. The cookbook, along with copies of his other works, were available for purchase at the event. Brandon Mull and Cherie Mull both signed books for their fans.

Cherie Mull said many of the original recipes came from her family, and she simplified them for young bakers. Her favorite recipe is Grandma Sorenson’s Apple Pie, which is based off of her own grandmother’s recipe.

“For me, food is always about family and gatherings,” Cherie Mull said.

Many of the recipes described in the Fablehaven series were created by magical creatures, with many competing flavors. Brandon and Cherie Mull said the recipes included would not have the same magic as the book, but that they would still taste good.

“When planning the book, it’s really hard to make food match what’s in his head,” Cherie Mull said. “It has to be easy enough for bakers, but have as many flavors as possible.”

Several recipes are designed for young children to help make. Cherie Mull said one of the recipes from the book could be made by a four year old without any trouble.

Characters in costume from the Fablehaven series were also in attendance, signing books and more. Participants could also enter a raffle to win free books.

Dozens of people attended, nearly filling the Provo Library Ballroom. Many young families were at the cookbook promotion. Rosie and Andy Corie, ages 8 and 7, said they loved listening to the audiobook versions of Fablehaven.

“I just love the way they discover it,” Rosie said, “and the way that Seth is like, ‘There’s fairies!'”

Both of them said they wanted to continue reading books by Brandon Mull as they grew older.

“I like them so much,” Andy said.

College students who grew up reading Fablehaven and other series by Brandon Mull also attended. Twenty-one-year-old Andrea Giles said her family would read Fablehaven every night together, which encouraged her to read the series on her own. She said she is still a fan of his work.

“He’s like my all-time favorite author,” Giles said. “I’ve waited 21 years for this.”

At the event, Brandon Mull announced that he was working on a brand new book series, set to be published the following year. He was not allowed to share the book title with the audience, but informed them that it would be based entirely in a magical world.

His previous books involved characters from the real world finding and interacting with a magical world. Giles said she was excited to hear that a new book series was coming out.

“When he announced the new book series, I was so excited, I wish it was out already,” Giles said. “I’m excited for the new world he’s created, and I can’t wait until they announce the title.”

Brandon Mull has written and contributed to six different book series: five Fablehaven books, five Dragonwatch books, three Candy Shop War books, three Beyonders books, five Five Kingdoms books and one Spirit Animals book.

“Spirit Animals” was a collaborative project with several other authors. Brandon Mull wrote the first book and several short stories in future Spirit Animals collections. He has also written other standalone children’s stories including “Smarter Than a Monster,” “Pingo” and “Pingo and the Playground Bully.”

Brandon Mull answered questions before signing books and posters for fans. One attendee asked if he planned on returning to the worlds in his previous series to tell another story. Brandon Mull said he was interested in returning to the Beyonders series and the Five Kingdoms series, as well as possibly telling a prequel series about Patton Burgess set in the Fablehaven series.

“Some of the best stuff I’ve got is still in me,” Brandon Mull said, “So I’ve got to get that out before I return to the old series.”

Brandon Mull said it was hard to pick a favorite series from his collected works, due to the unique nature of the settings in each series. He said each of them were fun in a different way.

During the book signing, Brandon Mull spoke with each family and individual, taking time to interact with his fans. Many took photos with him and Cherie Mull.

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