President Biden to make first visit to Utah, speak on PACT Act

President Joe Biden will arrive in Salt Lake City for his first-ever presidential visit to the state. While in Utah, he plans to address the PACT Act and campaign. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

President Joe Biden will arrive in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Aug. 9 as part of a three-state tour leading up to midterms.

The presidential visit will be Biden’s first to Utah. It is anticipated that he will address the public about the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxins Act on Thursday, Aug. 10 before attending a campaign event.

The PACT Act is a comprehensive bipartisan effort to improve benefits and services for toxic-exposed veterans and survivors — the most significant expansion in 30 years, according to the White House.

The act, named for Sergeant First Class and lung cancer victim Heath Robinson, will “address toxic exposures that have impacted veterans, as well as their families and caregivers, and provide them with the health care and benefits they have earned and deserve.”

The PACT Act cuts through red tape, ensuring more efficient decision-making for affected veterans. Veterans diagnosed with one of 23 specific conditions will no longer need to prove service connection to receive health care and disability compensation.

“The new process is evidence-based, transparent and allows VA to make faster policy decisions on crucial exposure issues,” the White House said.

Biden’s Aug. 10 Utah address marks the first anniversary of the act being signed.

Utah senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney cast no votes on the bill as it passed through Congress last year. 

The Salt Lake City visit is the final leg of Biden’s trip to the West. 

“President Biden is delivering for America’s veterans and their families, and demonstrating that we can — and will — come together where we agree to get big things done for our country,” according to the White House.

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