Sidebar: BYU job search resources


BYU graduates will face challenges hunting for a job during a time of economic changes. (Megan Zaugg)

College graduation can bring a mix of emotions from joy to excitement, to anxiety about finding a job. It can be difficult for students to know where and when to begin when it comes to planning for the next stage of life. 

For students looking to prepare for graduation and improve their job search process, BYU Careers and Experiential Learning offers several resources. 

“We build inspiring and experiential communities so individuals can go forth, learn, and serve,” its mission statement says. The office is open Monday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in 1134 WSC. 

For students who want to build their resumes, cover letters and interview skills:

For students who wish to explore career options, job outlooks and better understand the application of their interests and skills: 

For students interested in finding a job or internship:

For information regarding career fairs and experiential learning events:

For students looking to make plans after leaving BYU:

When it comes to career preparation, it’s also important to build your network. Making meaningful connections with individuals can lead to mentorship opportunities, peer support, job opportunities and more. Utilizing tools such as LinkedIn can help you connect easier with professionals who can help you in your journey. 

“While human beings share a common bond as beloved spirit children of Heavenly Parents, each of us is a unique individual with individual personalities, experiences, and gifts, and each of these individual characteristics can contribute to greater unity,” BYU President Kevin J Worthen said in a 2021 devotional address.

Above all, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Peer mentors, academic advisors, professors, and fellow students can all help you along as you work towards graduation.

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