NBA All-Star game anticipated to be a ‘slam dunk’ for Utah economy


The flood of people coming for the NBA All-Star game this weekend is expected to be a “slam dunk” for the small businesses in the Salt Lake City area.

Director of Salt Lake Small Business Development Center Jim Harrin says he helps small businesses take advantage of events like this.

“It’ll be really good for them if they’re ready for it also,” Harrin said.

Tickets to the game itself Sunday night average around $2000 and over 120,000 people will be in attendance.

“The app is a really good thing that’s available to help visitors know where they can go,” Harrin said.

The NBA events app is geared to help visitors find places to eat and how to get around the city.

Bohme employee Cara Juke said businesses in the City Creek Mall are individually getting ready for the visitors.

“We’re super excited, we know that it’s going to be really busy so we’re trying to get our freight out so that we’re all set up,” Juke said.

The mall is preparing as a whole for the event as well.

“City Creek has been doing a lot of events as well so we have window cleans and marketing up.”

To accommodate the basketball fans Trax will be offering zero fare all weekend along with more frequent service and extended operating hours.

Live performers will be providing entertainment on the trains and people are shuttled around Salt Lake City.

Last year the Allstar game generated $141 million in direct spending. The money is concentrated in restaurants, shopping and lodging.

With a total media reach of 11.9 billion people, small businesses in Salt Lake City are excited for how the weekend can boost their business, and the city itself is hopeful for what it can mean for the future with their bid for the 2030 Olympics.

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