Intermountain Healthcare rebrands to Intermountain Health

Intermountain Health CEO Rob Allen speaks at their rebrand event on Jan. 23. Intermountain Health has officially changed its name after announcing the change last year. (Intermountain Health via Youtube)

Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare has rebranded itself as Intermountain Health as a means of conveying the company’s “added emphasis on keeping people healthy, as well as continuing to provide world-class medical care at its hospitals and clinics,” according to an Intermountain news release.  

The name change was announced in 2022 and went into effect on Monday, Jan. 23. The new name is one aspect of Intermountain’s larger rebranding effort to help them better accomplish their mission of “helping people live the healthiest lives possible.”

“We’ve refocused our mindset around health to extend beyond traditional healthcare to health and wellbeing. We’ll empower and enable you along your health journey,” a statement on their website reads. “We’ll bring respected expertise and personalized care. We’ll partner with you when you need it most. We’ll make health simpler and clearer. Not just a new look. A new perspective.”

At the rebrand launch event on Jan. 23, president and CEO of Intermountain Health Rob Allen said the brand is more than a logo and a name.

“It’s important that we all remember and recognize that as we celebrate today and look to the future, we are evolving our brand to represent who we are and who we aspire to continue to be into the future,” Allen said.

Intermountain’s new brand emphasizes to the community that they are partners with individuals in taking care of their health, according to their chief strategy officer Dan Liljenquist.

“Our brand reflects our approach to partner one with another to keep our public healthy, keep our people healthy, and embodies our aspiration to be the preferred partner in people’s health, not just transactionally, but over the course of their lives,” Liljenquist said.

Intermountain Health chief marketing and communications officer Megan Mahncke speaks at the rebrand event on January 23rd. Intermountain has adopted a new logo as part of its rebranding efforts. (Intermountain Health via Youtube)

Intermountain’s last brand refresh was conducted in 2005, according to Megan Mahncke, chief marketing and communications officer. 18 years after its last update, Intermountain has adopted a new logo that reflects the company’s goals moving forward.

“This logo stood out. It stood out because of its warmth and approachability. It was a welcoming in, which is just what we wanted,” Mahncke said.

The healthcare company, which unites four different healthcare companies across seven western states, adopted its new logo after testing it in several states and discussing with both English and Spanish-speaking people ages 20-80. They hope it will represent not only the experience patients are having today but where the company aspires to be, Mahncke said.

While the name change is already in effect, the complete updated look will be gradually phased in over the next several years according to an Intermountain news release. A statement on Intermountain’s website said the rebrand will be a process, beginning with things like social media profiles and then evolving into an entirely new website to improve the consumer experience within the new brand.

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