Sundance Film Festival brings in spectators from around the globe

Sundance banners line Main Street in Park City, UT. The Sundance festival runs from January 19-29. (Anna Hair)

The Sundance Film Festival is in its second week and continues to be a hotspot for spectators from around the world.

Elodie Rousseau-Vercel traveled to Sundance from Paris, France with the company she recently started working for.

“To discover independent movies, especially American, that I couldn’t see otherwise,” Rousseau-Vercel said in regard to what she was looking forward to. “I would also say maybe the next Soderbergh or Tarantino.”

Traffic lined Main Street during the festival. Visitors are encouraged to take public transit or carpool. (Anna Hair)

Rousseau-Vercel was also excited about movies from women and the LGBTQ communities, as such movies are not often found in Europe, she said. “Diversity is something we are trying to work on, but we are not at that level, not at all,” she said.

Ricko DeWilde from “Life Below Zero” poses in front of the Egyptian Theatre. DeWilde and his team visited Sundance from Alaska. (Anna Hair)

Ricko DeWilde, star of National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero,” and his team were visiting the festival to interact with other indigenous people and filmmakers within the industry. “We’re out here for a few days, meet the indigenous folks out here and go back to Alaska,” DeWilde said.

DeWilde, an Athabascan from Huslia, Alaska, was also wearing his indigenous clothing. “My favorite part making the show is just being able to portray my native culture in a very positive light and enjoy doing it with my kids on the show,” DeWilde said.

DeWilde said another favorite part is learning how to slow down for his kids and become a better father.

The White Claw Shore Club is located on Main Street in Park City. Long lines went down Main Street to get into this club and many others. (Anna Hair)

Miami local Andy Hamilton was visiting with friend and Paris, France native Albert Abelon. “We were skiing and then we saw a festival and were like ‘we’re taking a day off from skiing and we’re going to go to the festival,'” Hamilton said. Abelon said that they met each other in university and decided to go on a vacation.

Hamilton said they enjoyed many things about the festival from the nightlife to free merchandise. “It’s so nice to just go into places and meet new people.”

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