Students learn more about campus resources for BYU Homecoming noonday activities

Student employees and volunteers interact with students. Find these booths in Brigham Square every afternoon this Homecoming week. (James Hoopes)

BYU students gathered in Brigham Square to play games, eat snacks and learn about campus resources for ongoing Homecoming celebrations.

Resources such as BYUSA, Dining Services and The Office of Civic Engagement set up camp in white tents just outside the Wilkinson Student Center. Between classes, students stopped by to grab fliers, free swag and snacks from the different booths. The booths featured a number of games, including cornhole, giant Jenga and Connect Four.

Aaron Marila and Alorah Rencher work for the Student Employee Success Office. They said their goal was to gauge how people feel about dining services, and encourage people to consider working there. “We just want to tell people that it’s a great place to work,” Marila said.

Marila (left) and Rencher (right) promote dining services. They said they had good interactions with many students at Noonday Activities, one of the many events in celebration of Homecoming. (James Hoopes)

What a lot of people do not realize, Rencher said, is how flexible dining service jobs are. “We have the culinary support center — you can make doughnuts all day — or the Cougareat, concession, and catering too. We’ll work around your schedule,” he said.

Madi Schlesinger was stationed at the Office of Civic Engagement’s booth. She said she was helping students get registered to vote in light of the upcoming midterms. She said BYU is engaged in a competition with other universities in the area to see who has the most students registered to vote.

“BYU is currently in the lead, and we’re just trying to hold on to that,” Schlesinger said.

The office, she said, has been successful in reaching students. Last week, Schlesinger said they registered about 500 students to vote in a drive. “We’re doing pretty good. Today we’re hoping to pick up a little bit of steam,” she said.

Schlesinger passes out U.S. flag pins and voter registration forms. The Office of Civic Engagement was one of the many campus resources that had booths in Brigham Square during Noonday Activities. (James Hoopes)

Nicole Wood and Caleb Gardner represented BYUSA at a booth with checkers and Halloween candy.

They said their booth had a broader goal: to help people have a good week in spite of midterms and ongoing school stresses. “This is just to help people feel loved. There are a lot of stresses in life, and we want to help people realize there’s a whole team behind them,” Gardner said.

“Everyone has somebody,” said Wood, agreeing with Gardner. They said students can look forward to activities every afternoon this week in Brigham Square. They said they are particularly excited for tomorrow, when Cosmo the Cougar will come and hand out BYU Creamery chocolate milk to the students.

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