Students, faculty and alumni participate in ‘Light the Y’ BYU Homecoming tradition


BYU wrapped up the first day of BYU Homecoming with one of the oldest traditions on campus, “Light the Y” on Oct. 11.

Organized and hosted by the Student Alumni Association, thousands of students and alumni alike shuttled from campus to the Y trailhead. Since 1942, students and alumni of multiple generations have enjoyed hiking and lighting the Y.

According to volunteer shuttle driver Jacob Hardy, there were so many participants, the shuttles continued to drive hikers to the trailhead for an hour and a half.

“We were supposed to have about ten shuttles running tonight, but we’ve been making it work with seven,” Hardy said. “I’ve taken about six trips up and down so far, with completely full vans each time.”

Volunteers also stopped hikers at the trailhead and passed out “Hike and Light the Y” gear to hikers starting the journey.

“The energy has been very high,” volunteer worker Garrett Crowder said. “Lots of those students will be up at the Y til’ past midnight, just celebrating the school”.

Students were greeted at the trailhead by volunteers handing out “Hike and Light the Y” gear. (Cole Cummings)

According to Crowder, many students expressed school spirit and sang the Cougar Fight Song. Volunteers also waited at the base of the trailhead with donuts and hot chocolate, congratulating students on their hike.

President Kevin J Worthen and Cosmo the Cougar also made an appearance at the event. Cosmo arrived at the top of the Y via a four-wheeler and took pictures with the hikers.

“There were tons of people on the trail, but I think my husband and I were some of the only 50 year old’s who actually walked up here,” hiker Geraldine Fitisemanu said. “I couldn’t hear President Worthen because we were down below but we did get a picture with Sister Worthen and Cosmo.”

More information on the rest of the events can be found on BYU’s homecoming website.

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