Opinion: The Star Wars prequels are the best trilogy in the series

An image of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padme Amidala from the “Star Wars” prequels. In my eyes, the “Star Wars” prequels are the best of the trilogies. (The Playlist)

The “Star Wars” films were first introduced to audiences in 1977 when “A New Hope” was released. Then two more films were released telling the story of young Luke Skywalker finding his way as a Jedi and fighting off the relentless Darth Vader. This first original trilogy of Star Wars films was a huge blockbuster and to this day the films are highly rated movies.

After the success of these movies, George Lucas announced in 1992 in the Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine planned to release a prequel trilogy to the original films. The films were released between 1999-2005 and it’s no secret they were not well received by audiences. Rotten Tomatoes posted the original trilogy movies sit scores of 93%, 94%, and 82%, respectively, and the prequel movies had scores of 53%, 65%, and 80%, according to Screeenrant.com.

As a child, I heard conversations about disliking Hayden Christensen and witnessed people talk about his career’s downfall from these films. People didn’t like how Anakin acted in the films, the bad dialogue, and the long and boring plot.

I was raised watching “Star Wars” and I personally always loved the prequels. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the original trilogy and I love them also. However, I stand by the fact that the prequels are the best episodes of “Star Wars,” and here’s why.

First off, you cannot tell me the fight scenes in the original trilogy were ever up to par with the prequels. Let’s face it, they had more developed technology for movies by 1999 than they did in the ’70s and ’80s. The fight scenes in the prequels are actually fights and look better because of modern technology.

They are better choreographed, more intense and more captivating. I’m sorry but I watch the fight scenes in the originals and they are so slow. They lack the action and intensity the prequels have.

Second off, episodes seven through nine were so confusing and didn’t make any sense. I don’t think the latest “Star Wars” trilogy could even be close to being considered the best trilogy. I love Rey and having a female heroine, but that doesn’t make up for those films being terrible.

The storyline was so confusing: First, Rey’s parents are nobodies, and then they are related to Emperor Palpatine? All of a sudden the force can just heal people and even bring them back to life? The recent trilogy was trying so hard to be a reinvention of the original trilogy it was painful.

Don’t even get me started on how the heck Emperor Palpatine is still alive and attached to a giant crane in the middle of some random dark planet with a stadium of sith lords. There was so much wasted potential with these films they are at the bottom of the ratings for me.

Third, the plot is so interesting. The movies are showing the development of a villain, and the pain behind why he turned to the dark side. Not only that, but you’re watching the manipulation of a political system in which Palpatine is able to come into power.

The story is really captivating and it’s even more tragic and painful that there this no happy ending at end of the trilogy. I would argue that’s what makes them more captivating. Watching Anakin fall apart is so devastating but you can’t stop watching and hoping he’ll stop.

Fourth, is the development of a whole animated series. The “Clone Wars” animated TV show is another reason why the prequels are better. No other trilogy could have been expanded as much as the prequels.

The show follows Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka Tano after the events of “The Attack of the Clones.” The episodes dive deeper into different worlds and expand the stories of the prequel characters. It’s such a fun TV series which fills in the gaps of what happened between the second and third episodes.

Lastly, the prequels are the best because of the childhood nostalgia I get when watching them. I loved the original episodes but there was something about the prequels which caused me to watch them more. Now when I watch them, I feel like I am at home with my family watching them as a child.

The prequels have a special captivating and risky storyline and cool CGI which has always drawn me towards them. Although the original films are iconic and still have many things that make them wonderful such as Ewoks, there is not a movie I love more than “Revenge of the Sith.”

Sure, there are downsides to the prequels such as Jar Jar Binks and some cheesy dialogue, but ultimately they are the best trilogy in my eyes.

—Kelsey Mae Nield

Senior Reporter

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