‘Legacy’ Unforum celebrates BYU students


BYU ended the semester with the traditional “Unforum,” an event highlighting various BYU performance groups such as Living Legends, BYU Men’s Chorus, BYU Theatre Ballet and Vocal Point.

BYUSA President Paul Victor and BYUSA Executive Vice President Kelsey Nield opened the event with a video with the theme of “Legacy.”

The video consisted of multiple interviews where BYU students were asked about how they can create a legacy for others and where they talked about how they think BYU prepared them to serve the world and influence others.

After the video, BYU Living Legends’ Latin, Polynesian and Native American sections displayed their talent through their synchronized dancing and their colorful traditional clothing.

The BYU Men’s Chorus sang “Cornerstone” by Shawn Kirchner. BYU Theatre Ballet performed the finale from “Confetti,” the virtuoso ballet for three couples, led by BYU ballet student Alex Marshall.

The acapella group Vocal Point sang a medley of songs that had the audience singing along and dancing to classic songs such as “Sweet Caroline.”

To close the event, President Kevin J Worthen reminded the attendees about the importance of their education, their talents and how they can build a legacy to be an example for others.

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