Senator Romney meets with Ketanji Brown Jackson

(CNN, Pool, Universe Live)

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah met with Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson yesterday. Romney and Jackson met to discuss the nominee’s qualifications and her experiences.

Jackson’s history of handling cases has raised concerns with many Republican senators. Romney said this discussion was helpful as he continues to review her records and testimony. He said he has not come to a decision on how he will vote for Jackson’s confirmation.

“I think in the final analysis we’ll each be able to make our decision based upon our personal interviews with Judge Jackson and with the results that come from these hearings,” Romney said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will reconvene on April 4 to vote to advance Jackson’s nomination to the floor. The final voting date has not been set yet, but leaders are hoping to hold it before the Senate’s Easter recess beginning April 8.

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