The debates rage on for real vs. fake Christmas trees


By Joe Belnap

Editor’s Note: This story was part Universe Live’s December magazine show for The Daily Universe Magazine.

Each year a smaller percentage of Americans cut down their own Christmas trees. Universe Live reporter Joe Belnap interviewed students on campus about whether they prefer real or fake trees.

Of the 12 BYU students he sampled, it was split 6 to 6 in who preferred real or fake. One student grew up with a fake tree, but would now love to use a real tree if he had the space for it.

In order to cut a tree, one must have a Christmas tree cutting permit. Brenda Bushel is a Heber-Kamas ranger where her office is one of the last places you can find a Christmas tree permit.

“We’re about sold out of our in-person ones as well, so if people are wanting to get a Christmas tree, you better do it soon,” Bushel said.

Bushel weighed in on the debate and said nothing beats a fresh cut Christmas tree because fake trees just aren’t as pretty.

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