BYU Electronic Dance Music Club looks to grow

Electronic dance music club members host an event in the Wilkinson Student Center. Members all have the chance to learn more about the production side of EDM as well as how to DJ. (Nefi Trevino)

BYU’s electronic dance music club hosts events to help music lovers come together and enjoy new and unique experiences.

Electronic dance music is mostly known for being music that is played at nightclubs, raves and festivals. Concerts typically are very fast-paced, consisting of various lights and different DJ performances.

Co-president Jose Silva, a communication studies major, helped start the club back in August 2019. The club consists of more than 40 members, with 25 of those members consistently participating in club events.  

“Part of our mission is to help people understand what EDM culture is. We want to help them expand their music taste and help them get rid of stereotypes. It’s not all drug-related,” Silva said. 

BYU graduate Chloe Andersen joined the club in June 2020 when she became friends with Silva and other members of the club. Andersen was at first hesitant to be part of the club because of her unfamiliarity with EDM but is now glad she joined.

“There is a very diverse group of people in the club and it’s always fun,” Andersen said.

Many of the club members have all the music production equipment needed, so it’s just a matter of people showing up to learn, Silva said.

“Closing your mind to this genre prohibits you from having cool experiences. There’s an obvious stereotype about the people that like EDM but this club helps you look past that,” Andersen said. 

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