Timpanogos Cave starts celebrations for 100 year anniversary


By Britney Sam

Timpanogos Cave was made an official national monument on Oct. 14, 1922. Today, Timpanogos Cave National Monument celebrates its national ninety-ninth birthday, but will be celebrating all year long until its 100th anniversary next year.  

Timpanogos Cave National Monument will be hosting special events starting the Fall of 2021 and continuing until 2022.

“Our big kickoff is the interpretive displays in the Visitor’s Center that we just installed two weeks ago,” Shannon Stephens, administrative officer at Timpanogos Visitor’s Center, said.

Inside the display there’s a fake cave with dripping water and many other historic and interactive displays put up throughout the visitor’s center.

“We actually had this display ready in spring 2020, but then the pandemic hit,” Stephens said.

With COVID-19 cases going up and down, the park will be taking precautions to make sure all attendees stay safe.

“We have a lot of different activities planned. I think one of my favorites is called Art in the Park,” said Sheila Hunt, supervisor at Timpanogos Visitor’s Center. Art in the Park will feature many local artists at different intervals in the day and will either be stationed in the cave, along the trail or at the visitor’s center. 

“People loved it and we love doing it,” Hunt said.

The year-long events include a hiking challenge, story time in local communities, history talks and more. Keep an eye out for ways to stay involved throughout 2022.

“We hope that it will go on for hundreds more,” Hunt said.

Park rangers and caretakers hope to continue and expand the National Park Service mission to preserve the natural and cultural resources of the National Park Service for future generations. To find out more information about the event, go to their website.

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