BYU students no longer required to live in BYU-contracted housing as of Fall 2022

(Amy Griffin)

Single, undergraduate BYU students will no longer be required to live in BYU on-campus or off-campus contracted housing after their first two semesters, BYU announced Thursday. The change is effective Fall 2022.

In addition, BYU off-campus contracted housing will be available only to BYU students, and details about eligibility are available on the off-campus housing website.

Single, undergraduate students can still choose to live in on-campus or off-campus contract housing after their first two semesters, and those who choose to live in non-contracted off-campus housing will be required to follow the Honor Code and student housing policies.

Student Life Vice President Julie Franklin said in the announcement that BYU will continue requiring students to live their first two semesters in BYU housing or off-campus contracted housing, as research shows students who have this close association with fellow students have a better, more successful college experience.

“These decisions were made in an effort to better serve our students and provide them with more options,” Franklin said. “We have been hearing from and listening to our students’ concerns with BYU’s two-mile housing radius. Beginning in fall 2022, students who have completed their first two semesters at BYU will enjoy greater flexibility when choosing where to live.”

The announcement says other considerations for the decision included challenges third-party and off-campus landlords have when requiring non-BYU students to follow the Honor Code and BYU student housing policies.

Students were notified of these decisions through email, and more details are available on the off-campus housing website.

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