Senior gymnast Abbey Miner-Alder wins ‘Gymnast of the year’ award

20wGYM UCLA-Utah State 027120wGYM UCLA-Utah State2020 BYU Women’s GymnasticsJanuary 18, 2020Photo Illustration by Jaren Wilkey/BYU© BYU PHOTO 2020 All Rights Reserved (801)422-7322

Years and years of tireless practice have now led senior gymnast Abbey Miner-Alder to winning the Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference “Gymnast of the Year” award.

During the past few months, Miner-Alder has earned several “gymnasts of the week” accolades and contributed high scores to boost her team’s score. She’s gained more self confidence in the past few seasons and has been able to improve personally so her team can improve together.

“I think probably my biggest thing is my level of confidence. … I think having someone else believe in me and me learning to believe, it helped my performance go up,” said Miner-Alder.  “I’ve gotten better with my skills.”

She knows how hard she and her team have worked to get where they are and win the Mountain Rim Gymnastics Conference. She’s excited to keep competing with the team and showing off their skills.

“Something that my floor coach says a lot is we just need to do what we do in practice,” Miner-Alder said. “We put in the effort, we’ve put in the time, we’ve put in the skills, it’s just doing it when it counts.”

Miner-Alder said something that Coach Guard Young always says is you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to put yourself in a position to be perfect.

Miner-Alder says she is proud of her career and all that she has accomplished in her gymnastics career. Her team continues their competitive journey next weekend, when they’ll compete for more national titles.

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