Lecture series empowers Provo women to strive for success

Provo Women’s Day consisted of an event of a lecture series on zoom with Provo women who are successful and well-known in their fields as they shared their stories of success and overcoming hardship. (Provo Women’s Day)

The sixth annual Provo Women’s Day empowered local women with a Zoom lecture series on March 6.

The lecture series was hosted by the mayor’s office and other Utah organizations with the goal of encouraging and empowering women to achieve what they believe in.

Speakers included some of Provo’s most successful female residents, including Mayor Michelle Kaufusi who kicked off the lecture series by introducing the speakers.

The women all shared their stories of how they were able to find success through hard work, perseverance, and by taking courage to be the change.

Jill Coil is a leading female divorce attorney in Utah who founded the legal tech company SimpleEndingTM. She is also the first woman to have a female-led personal injury law firm in Utah called Moxie Law Group.

Coil talked about being brave and the importance of sharing goals and dreams with other women for support. She said opportunities come by believing that they will come.

“When we start with courage, understand our self worth continually and strive to be teachable and grow, you will excel in whatever you are doing,” Coil said.

A common theme throughout the lecture series was that women need to have courage and take the steps to reach their potential.

Kim Delgrosso is an avid dancer and the co-owner of the Center Stage studio and the artistic director of Center Stage Performing Arts Studios.

She shared her life story of how she was able to go from running a small studio while taking care of her eight children to working full-time as an artistic director.

“Do not try to skip a season of your life. If you’re a mother, that’s your season. If it’s your career, it’s your season. Everything is a season, and wrap your village around you and know that you’re supported,” Delgrosso said.

Fellow dancer and The Vault founder Tia Stokes spoke about her cancer diagnosis in April 2020. She was admitted to the hospital by herself because of COVID-19 protocols and had to go through treatment alone for 30 days.

Stokes said every day is a blessing and life should never be taken for granted. “We only have today, so live your life in a way that you desire. Decide and do it, and make it happen.”

Other speakers included Jennie Taylor, Sui Lang Panoke and Genelle Pugmire.

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