Church updates status of temples as COVID-19 restrictions ease

Sculpture outside Provo City Center Temple. As temples begin to re-open, the Church has released a list to stay updated on operation phases of temples around the world. (Jessica Smith)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a digital list to stay updated on the phased re-opening of temples around the world on March 1.

The reopening phases detail which ordinances can be performed in a given temple based on local health guidelines.

Temples in Phase One can perform living husband and wife sealings by appointment only.

Temples in Phase Two can do all ordinances for the living. Phase 3 allows for all living and limited proxy ordinances, and Phase 4 temples can return to completely normal operations.

No matter the temple’s phase, all patrons currently have to make an appointment prior to their arrival for ordinances.

As temples begin to re-open, Church leaders continue to ask members to take precautions in their return to in-person worship activities.

“Your safety and well-being will always be our utmost concern,” President Russell M. Nelson said.

As of March 15, Utah’s temples all remain in Phase 2, excluding St. George and Salt Lake City’s temples which remain closed for renovations

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