Readers’ Forum: 12/8/20


University life during a pandemic

Universities have set restrictions on their students in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. Although campus safety should be a priority, overly restricting us is far more detrimental than beneficial. College students should be allowed more freedom while on campus to stay happy and have a true college experience. We are social beings who need social interaction. We can’t be expected to study all day, but we also haven’t been given many alternatives with everything being canceled.

We were not created to live in isolation but rather to interact with those around us. One of the biggest changes made to combat COVID has been the cancelation of most, if not all, group activities. What these adjustments fail to consider are the effects they have on our mental health. Of course, schools want to minimize their COVID cases, but they need to be looking out for our mental health as well. Meeting new people and building relationships has been rendered nearly impossible due to the virus. Social isolation amplifies the darkest thoughts and clouds the happy ones. Reincorporating public functions would immensely improve the overall happiness of students.

When people are deciding which university they will attend, they take all things into consideration. This year, none of us had the chance to assess the biggest game-changer. The rules were established after the majority of us moved in and keep getting stricter without our consent. We didn’t sign up for online school and yet that’s what we got, notably for the same price as regular admission. The least schools can do is keep other programs and activities available. If the administration is truly concerned with the health of its students, they will also keep their mental health in mind and reduce the number of social restrictions they put in place. They will also honor our choice, and give us what we signed up for. We aren’t asking for much, simply that we be allowed to make friends and experience the things that make college memorable.

Naomie Guerinot
Phoenix, Arizona

The truth about Chapstick

Addiction is a large problem in America, but one specifically that is almost never talked about is Chapstick. Chapstick is an unseen and pervasive addiction in modern society, and as you read I hope you will take the necessary measures to solve this problem.

First off, let’s look at the main reason people use this in the first place: chapped lips. Dry weather, licking lips, and dehydration are the main causes, and in response to these problems, Chapstick was created as a solution. But putting on Chapstick is like putting a bandage on an open wound. It won’t get rid of chapped lips, only keep them at bay.

Chapstick works as an emollient, moisturizing your lips and temporarily rehydrating them. Due to it being so accessible and easily put on, it is administered frequently, and your natural lip emollients weaken because they aren’t getting used. Your body stops naturally hydrating and moistening your lips and builds up an addiction. However, all this can be avoided with a simple solution: water.

Water is the key, the fuel for your lip emollients to keep your lips soft and hydrated. At first, it may be hard to quit Chapstick, but if you drink the recommended 64 ounces a day, the need for Chapstick will disappear, and hopefully the nationwide addiction with it. With this newfound knowledge, I now urge you to spread the truth about Chapstick and help America live free of this unseen, unspoken addiction.

Alex Parry
Tucson, Arizona

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